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A TRANSATLANTIC BLUES SUMMIT - Hans Theessink & Terry Evans are both legendary performers in their own right.

HANS is probably Europe's no 1 blues export, with 20 albums, a DVD and a guitar instruction DVD to his name - constantly on tour and delighting audiences around the world with his rich and emotional sounds.

TERRY has done several albums under his own name and has a long working relationship with Ry Cooder as a backing singer. Terry's voice is pure "Mississippi Magic" - the real deal and one of the most soulful voices in the business.

Both bluesmen have worked together in the past and for years had a vision of combining forces for a stripped down duo recording. In December 2007 they got together in L.A. to do just that. Within 2 days they recorded a soulful album of original songs and soul-blues-classics. The album has an intimate feel and obviously Hans & Terry were having a great time making music together.

Both Hans and Terry have a reputation for superb recordings and VISIONS will once again delight even the most discerning hi-fi fan with a fantastic sonic experience.

Hans Theessink & Terry Evans - 2 musical heavyweights at the top of their art - VISIONS materialized!

Musical guests:
Phil Bloch (percussion)
Richard Thompson (electric guitar)
Bo Diddley (spoken comment)

Visions brings together two deep blues voices. Hans Theessink, one of Europe’s most respected keepers of the genre, and Terry Evans, whose music carries the heritage of his Mississippi ancestors, connect here like soul mates united by music. The pairing of Theessink's deep, emotive baritone with Evans’ gospel-colored tenor makes this record one of the year’s best acoustic outings. Blues Revue (USA) December/January 2009

“Visions” will blow your sonic socks off. Living Sound (NZ)

Theessink’s lazy baritone (think a deeper Mark Knopfler) and Evans’ extraordinarily soulful gospel tones are tailor made to blend together with spine-tingling results. Properganda (UK) 

Hans Theessink and Terry Evans are both on my list of the coolest voices I have ever heard in blues. Together, they have created a killer blues/vocal record! - as real and deep as the blues gets. An acoustic blues album of the year and you can quote me on that, the highest rank! Przemek Draheim, radio presenter (PL) 2008.04 

Obviously, this is a dream combination and how could it fail? It doesn’t! Dutch-born Hans Theessink has long enjoyed a formidable reputation for making intelligent, soulful blues and roots music, and those who only know Mississippian Terry Evans for his sublime contributions to Ry Cooder’s music have been missing out on some of the most soulful music of the last couple of decades! BluesArt (A), Sept./Oct. 2008

Recorded in Los Angeles, this beautiful set presents the two vocalists with their remarkable voices in a stripped-down situation. Just two guitars, and two voices. And this works very well, indeed. Great release, soulful and profound. Recommended!!

A trans-Atlantic blues summit - just under an hour of cool, harmonious grooves. 
To call its relaxed ambience laid back would be an understatement. Completely unadorned, their acoustic takes on standards and originals are hushed and soul-soothing. Rhythms (AUS), Sept. 2008

This is what blues is all about!! Rootsville (B)

Absolutely beautiful, bringing Terry on board was a stroke of genius. The melting of Hans' and Terry's voices is truly rare beauty. Al Jonusas, radio presenter, Keepin' it Blue, WRHC 106.7 FM (USA)

Hans Theessink is every bit as much a blues/soul man as Terry Evans. You have almost certainly heard Terry, even if you do not know his name. He’s sung back-up on countless albums; most famously for Ry Cooder. Ry long ago opined that Terry was even better as ‘front man’. Hans is a fine singer and superb guitarist, Terry a superb singer and capable guitarist. Visions fulfils a dream long-shared by friends and mutual admirers - to make a stripped-down, ‘2 voices and 2 guitars’ album. It’s warm, relaxed and beautifully recorded. ABC, Australia, Doug Spencer, The Planet (Nov.1st 2008)

In the stripped back world of VISIONS – a stunning mix of originals and classics – the respective strengths of both men shine through. From first note to last this is pure blues magic. Bo Diddley declares: “I just love that feel” and that sums up VISIONS perfectly. This is all about the feel that Theessink and Evans create. The darkness of Evans’ Mississippi marinated blues are perfectly complemented by Theessink’s rawer-edged urban feel. This is a marriage not made in heaven but the pair were made for each other. The zenith of Theessink and Evans’ brilliance comes with their version of At The Dark End Of The Street, a song that is lovingly etched into the mind of any music lover now sounds as if it’s rising slowly from the bowels of hell, the intensity of it is bone-chilling. Hans Theessink and Terry Evans have nothing to prove so it should come as little surprise that there are riffs and vocal moments on VISIONS that will stop you in your tracks. However, not even those moments prepare you for what the duo extract from the likes of Got To Keep Moving, Vicksburg Is My Home and Trouble In Mind, listen and admire. maverick magazine (UK) Sept. 2008

The guys get into a great groove on Willie Dixon's 'You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover' with appreciative comments by Bo Diddley (RIP) in the background. I've very much enjoyed listening to this album on my summer vacation and, while there is always a serious edge to Theessink's music, there are also many light hearted moments such as an exuberant 'Glory of Love' which shows what fun they must have had making 'Visions'. Praise also for the sonic quality of the recording and for producing an album you could play in any company! Highly recommended. Blues In The South (UK) September 2008

Everybody who knows the pedigree of these musicians, knows what they are capable to do. ‘Visions’ meets all expectations. Theessink as well as Evans are blessed with warm, dark voices. Hans sings tight and Terry rather loose and this is a very pleasant combination to listen to. All in all a constant, great CD, which will especially suit the admirers of more sedate music. As soon as I hear this music I want to sit down and listen to it, while enjoying a good glass of red wine. A beautiful record it is. Bobtje Blues (B) October 2008

Previous Info Courtesy of CD Baby http://cdbaby.com/cd/theessinkevans